Thursday, April 25, 2013


This is a common word.You hear it often. I am sure many of us use it every day. But for me so much of every day begins with how. The first word in each thought. Every question I find courage to speak out loud. In every aspect of my
How will I make time? How will I get everything I need to done? How will I be a good mother to my children? How can I be a good wife? How can I divide myself between my two children that I gave birth to and the son who became mine when I was married? How can we become a "family"? How can I make my kids understand? How can I show my step son that I DO love him? How can I make up the deficit that his  mother has created? How can I be a mother to my children and know my boundaries with my step son? How can I hold back the way I mother, when a child is not receptive? How do I hold back myself to this boy?  How do we move forward? How do we get off this roller coaster? How do we find a happy medium for all of us? How do I get through to the people who need me most without losing my very self? How do I do this...all the while, trusting God?


S.I.F. said...

I needed this post tonight... thank you for it!

Better Known As Mommy said...

Glad this helped you! As mothers we all have different seasons in our lives...and sometimes just knowing someone "gets" us is all we need! Stay blessed!