Friday, November 25, 2016

Time to dust off my little blog

It has been literal years since I was here. Facebook gave me a reminder of my little space this morning and I thought in would come over and see if I could even get back in here. To say life has been crazy would be an understatement. But there is so much to share that it would take forever so I will try to sum it up. God is good. Our family has taken a beating the last few years but we are still standing. Stronger than ever. We bought a new home. We have three pups. I became a full time stay at home mom a few years ago. The kids are all in high school. We are foster parents to an amazing baby girl. Life is moving into a new season. We are preparing for the beauty and the tears that it holds for us ♡ And with that I am sure I will need a place to "talk" so I am glad I found my way back here.